Berkshire Massage Therapy
"Your well-being is our main goal!"

About the Practitioners


Rose Raftery-Doyle, LMT, MMP, RMT, CEIM, is a graduate and Presidential Achievement Award winner from Mildred Elley's Massage Certificate Program in Pittsfield, MA.  She uses deep tissue and Swedish massage along with myofascial  and trigger point release.   She also incorporates stretching techniques for the best possible outcome for her clients.  She is a Medical Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, and  is educated in  Advanced Cupping, and at the 3rd Level of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.  She completed a 200 Hour Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship in March 2014.

 “I believe that our body always wants to be in balance.   If we listen to what our body is saying, when there is  either re-occuring tightness in the muscles or pain, by loosening those muscles with massage, we could possibly avoid surgical intervention.  We are always given medication as the answer to all our troubles (with severe side effects) when we should be going back to natural homeopathic remedies.   I am  continually learning new techniques to best help my clients, as their well-being is my main goal.”  Rose 

Natasha  Moore, LMT,  is a graduate of Mildred Elley and also a Licensed Cosmetologist and Manicurist.  She is very passionate about helping people through awareness and continuing education.  Coming from a background of head trauma and excessive headaches, it is important to her to promote stress relief, relaxation, and balance.  She is Certified in Reiki I and looks forward to offering relaxation and balance along with massage to clients. 

"Positive energy is an important tool essential in my daily routine and I feel  it is only right to share".  NRM

Sahar Zellou, LMT, is a graduate of Mildred Elley. She is an Herbalist, dedicated to providing quality bodywork, and herbal medicine, nourishment for the heart, soul, and overall well-being.


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